[App_rpt-users] Two Nodes

David KE6UPI dshaw at ke6upi.com
Sun Dec 19 00:18:49 EST 2010

In rpt.conf under [nodes] what do you have. It should look like this.

; Note, if you are using automatic update for allstar link nodes,
; no allstar link nodes should be defined here. Only place a definition
; for your local nodes, and private (off of allstar link) nodes here.

2063 = radio at,NONE   ; This must be changed to your node
2064 = radio at,NONE,y
2080 = radio at,NONE,y
2081 = radio at,NONE,y

** I use 4570 for my iax port. I might need 4569 for your port.

RPT checks rpt.conf first then rpt_extnodes. If you are using rpt_extnodes
then it might be routing out to your public address and your router might
not like that.


On Sat, Dec 18, 2010 at 7:07 PM, Bob Bunter <hammradio at charter.net> wrote:

>     What's the secret as to getting Two Different Nodes on the same Box to
> connect and talk to each other?
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