[App_rpt-users] pseudo-random macros

Ken ke2n at cs.com
Sun Dec 19 09:15:33 EST 2010

I wonder if anyone else has seem macros not do as programmed?


Last week my macro that plays 3 audio files numbered 3,4,5 said that it
played 3, then 5, then 4 (according to the info on the CLI)


Today my macro that plays audio file 1, followed by in ID (*80 command),
followed by file 2, actually played to the two files end-to-end without
executing the *80 command (thereby timing out the attached nodes).  The
purpose of the *80 is to "drop the PTT" momentarily, to reset time out
timers of attached nodes and ID at the same time.  When the macro actually
executes the command, this works.


(Version 0.267)


Related question: is there some other way to reset the timeout timers of
attached nodes during the execution of a macro?







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