[App_rpt-users] Minimum System and Network Requirements

Nathan Roberts (T75) tartan75 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 31 10:02:05 EST 2010

I'm looking to set up ACID on another machine. The machine will run 1 node
(using DMK URI), which will be connected to only by iaxrpt. Its likely that
the node will be simplex, although if a change to duplex would affect the
answers it would be useful to know.

System requirements:
I read a while ago that the minimum system requirements were Pentium III
866Mhz, and 512MbRAM. I've seen references to the use of Beagle board, which
until recently (if I understand correctly) wouldn't have been a comparable
spec. Is the above spec a minimum, or have people found say a 600Mhz
processor adequate for this level of installation?

Network requirements:
My use is generally temporary installs at remote locations. Broadband is
often available, but for the locations where it isn't has anyone any
experience of using 3G connections , or even GPRS (with an appropriate codec
selected). I have experience of getting reliable 3G connections for 64k mp3
shoutcast broadcast feed streams, but not for ROIP use. I appreciate that
reliability and latency will be degraded with a mobile connections.

Any experience much appreciated.



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