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Keith Williamson hkwilliamson at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 16:21:28 EST 2010

Hi Monty,

It's definitely problematic. You could tie a pair of servers together
if one is Allstar and the other is vanilla Asterisk like for PBX use.
In the router that provides the NAT service for the two servers, you
could setup port forwarding for IAX and Echolink to the Allstar node
and port forwarding for SIP (i.e. 5060) to the PBX server. Not sure if
you might still have issues with RTP forwarding though since SIP needs
it and IAX might need it too. Hmmm.. I suppose you could try using
non-standard ports for IAX, Echolink, SIP, etc but am not sure if you
can get those services to listen on alternate ports (I'm not in front
of my node currently to check).

Necessity is the mother of invention though and it would be an
interesting exercise to attempt. If you do succeed in making it work
for a pair of Allstar nodes you can make it work for any number

73's neighbor!



On 2/3/10, Monty Dana <monty at ke7jvx.com> wrote:
> Hello Everyone!
> I wondering how one might set up a private network of connected nodes?
> Right now I have two nodes setup here at my home, and would like to
> experiment with having them both tied together on my private home network,
> and still have one node able to access allstar and echolink, is that
> possible?
> What the main reason for this question is that many of you know, broadband
> is hard to come by on mountain tops and if it is available very expensive.
> So we are looking for other alternatives, ie Wifi links, spread spectrum T1,
> etc to have a private network among sites with a single public IP address,
> like a home network.
> Thanks,
> Monty

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