[App_rpt-users] New features / bug fixes

Ken ke2n at cs.com
Thu Feb 18 10:16:15 EST 2010

Is this essentially the same things as

for those with the standard "ACID" installation?
Ken Jamrogowicz

On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 11:59 AM, Jim Duuuude <telesistant at hotmail.com> wrote:

Note, the lines without '#' are the ones that are typed into the Linux

cd /usr/src
#or whatever directory has the 'asterisk' directory which contains
#the asterisk, zaptel and libri sources are.

mv asterisk asterisk.old
#this saves the old source tree as 'asterisk.old'

svn co svn://qrvc.com/projects/allstar/astsrc-1.4.23-pre/trunk
#this downloads the new source tree from SVN

mv trunk asterisk
#this renames the newly downloaded source tree as 'asterisk'

cd asterisk
cd zaptel
make install
cd ../libpri
make install
cd ../asterisk
make install
#Re-builds and installs the whole thing


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