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> From: Cem ERGEN <cemergen at gmail.com>
> Date: 2010/02/18 Thu AM 08:11:47 PST
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> Subject: [App_rpt-users] please help
> hello,
> i have installed system elastix on machine1 and it is working fine.. i could
> add sip peers and sip peers could contact other sip peears thats ok
> also i've motorola sx900 radio ( not only one.. i've many motorola radio)
> i would like to connect sip peers to motorola sx900 or inverse...
> for example motorola sx900 name is radio1
> sip peer name is sip1
> i've softphone and login sip1 on softphone then dial radio1 and connect then
> talk.
> could you help me please how could i do that
> -- 
> U Can


You are going to have to explain in more detail the computer system you have, what asterisk version you are running (i.e. is it ACID or Limey, or some custom setup)  and what interface card you are using. Also be prepared to attach configuration files rpt.conf, extensions.conf, iax.conf and sip.conf.

If this is a commercial application requiring support it is best handled privately. Please note that commercial support regarding desired system configurations and or code changes is probably not going to be offered free of charge.


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