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Cem ERGEN cemergen at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 04:19:07 EST 2010

hi everybody
i've 2 motorola sx900 radio and one dingotel usb 2way adapter
and i want to make a call from sip softphone to motorola sx900 radio.
i've just installed acid on my pc1 and connect dingotel usb adapter then i
see usb  adapter led is flashing.
i suppose it is ready to run. then i connect a cable between motorola sx900
radio ( lets we say radio1) and usb adapter.
radio1 is turned on and it is works. radio2 is turned on and ready.
now i want to make a call sip softphone to radio2

i don't understant and i'm in confuse

i can't add sip peer to acid server how can i do
i can't add radio1 to acid server hi can i do

which number call from my sip phone to connect radio1?

:( sorry my english is poor

could you explain simple and details
thansk a billion

U Can
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