[App_rpt-users] Modulation Issue

Ted G. Freitas ted.freitas at mac.com
Tue Feb 23 19:33:01 EST 2010

I wanted to throw this question out there and see if anyone could help.

I am trying to use the XIPPR distribution of Centos from XELATEC, LLC.
that appears to have some neat features. However when we connect a URI
from DMK Engineering we are only getting about 1/2 volt peak to peak and
.7 volts peek to peak if we run the audio through the amplifier.

As a test we download the ACID distribution from app-rpt.qrvc.com and we
get about 1.7 volts peak to peak direct and about 3.2 volts peak to peak
through the amplifier.

Anyone know where I would start to look at why just using a different
Linux distribution would break this? Also if it turns out to be the
USBRADIO.c driver, how would I go about recompiling an updated version?


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