[App_rpt-users] CTCSS and carrier squelch

Ralph A. Schmid, dk5ras ralph at radio-link.net
Sun Mar 7 03:04:46 EST 2010


> thank you for the quick response. I did try the new revision 
> 569, but it doesn't work. 

I would like to enter this interesting discussion; during this year I want
to move my repeater from Echolink software to the asterisk stuff.

The plan so far is to bypass the audio around the PC with a switching
matrix, as my repeater is cross band multi mode and does not allow altering
the audio in any way. It lets pass FM, P25 and D-Star, and I do not want to
loose this capability.

But maybe way to pass the audio through the PC without changing a bit could
be an option?! I need flat response from almost DC up to some KHz, no DSP
processing in the pass-through path at all.

This would allow me to keep the status quo, and who knows, maybe some day
some real crack writes a regeneration module for digital modulation, even
anhancing the digital mode capability, including passing it through the
internet. Especially a P25 link from Germany to the US (where more P25 users
are on the air) would be very exciting.

So, at least I am guy #2 who really needs flat audio response :-)

With best regards

Ralph, dk5ras (sysop of db0fue).

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