[App_rpt-users] Scheduler question

Chuck Kraly ckraly at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 09:27:45 EST 2010

Ok guys,
I got the weather scripts running on 27078. I can command a manual voice
report via DTMF. What i am having problems with is getting the scheduler to
play the daily report at 6am and 1pm local time. I have the cron set up ok
to run the update scripts, and like I said touch toning them manually is no
What I have done so far:
in rpt.conf,

1 = *94#

; Scheduler - execute a macro at a given time

;dtmf_function =  m h dom mon dow  ; ala cron, star is implied

1 = 15 6,13,19 * * *   ; at 6:15,13:15, execute macro 1.

What am I missing here (notice i tried to set the times for 6:15, 13:15, and
19:15 daily.

Also I know I saw it in the archives ( but cannot seem to run across it
again- if I make changes to rpt.conf or some other file, what is the command
to reload that file so asterisk sees the changes? Or do i have to reboot the
machine (like I have been doing)

Off list answers welcomed......

Chuck K0XM

27064, 27077, 27078
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