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Doug Bade kd8b at thebades.net
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I answered directly but the ethernet chip in the D945GCLF board is not
recognized by CentOS base install yet.. so it fails to connect to the
internet, hence the install aborts.. 

You need an Ethernet device for the rest of the install and do one of the
following.. I prefer to just install with a usb ehternet dongle in line and
pull it later.


2 choices.. add a pci above board to finish install or add a usb ethernet
like Linksys that is recognized. after all the OS updates are done you can
switch to the original Ethernet as the drivers for it will be added in the
update/upgrade loads.








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Hello, Everyone, I have a question that i saw it in the past emails


I am trying  to install  the image on the intel D945GCLF motherboard, it
will install  and tried to go to the Phase1 post install but fails,
instead, it gets me the log in prompt, and I have not set a root password at
that point.   I read something about it last year and cant seem to find it
in the archives. as hard as Im trying I cant remember Can you guys refresh
my mind . I  cant remember the default passwords when this happens so any
help is really appreciated.


Gracias y 73's 
Hasta la Vista

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