[App_rpt-users] 12.5 kHz repeaters support

Jann Traschewski jann at gmx.de
Thu Mar 11 07:50:52 EST 2010


my 12.5 kHz repeater system has a long noise tail compared to my 20 kHz
repeater system. Both use the USB URI with flat audio and carrier from dsp
in carrier squelch mode.

Moreover the rxnoise tuning comes with a warning:

db0fox*CLI> radio tune rxnoise
tune rxnoise maxtries=12, target=27000, tolerance=2750
tries=0, setting=2, meas=15368
tries=1, setting=4, meas=21645
tries=2, setting=5, meas=26274
tries=3, setting=5, meas=25744
tries=4, setting=5, meas=26047
tries=5, setting=5, meas=26010
tries=6, setting=5, meas=26393
DONE tries=6, setting=312, meas=26393, sqnoise=5990
WARNING: Insufficient high frequency noise from receiver.
WARNING: Rx input point may be de-emphasized and not flat.
         usbradio.conf setting of 'carrierfrom=dsp' not recommended.

New repeater systems in germany are now limited to 12.5 kHz. Would be nice
to build them with the Asterisk/app_rpt system. Are there any plans to
adjust the code for 12.5 kHz systems?

I'll have a talk about the Asterisk/app_rpt system in two weeks at a
conference in germany.


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