[App_rpt-users] Re Kenwood Remote TRX

Jann Traschewski jann at gmx.de
Wed Mar 17 10:06:05 EDT 2010

Hello Jim,

> Yep 9600 baud packet mode is 
> perfict. You will need to feed the URI output through the 2X 
> amplifier since the Kenwood takes boat-loads of audio to 
> modulate it properly.

I checked the TM-D700 manual:
"Output of detected 9600 bps data (500 mVP-P, 10 kOhm) -> Also functions as
a common pin for 1200 bps and 9600 bps data output."

RX seems the same as for 9600 baud packet mode. For TX i tried 1200 bps with
a low setting of "txvoice" (radio tune txvoice 100). Seems to be another way
without using the amplifier + txboost=1. Or am I wrong?

> Set carrier detect and rxctcss to dsp
> and txmixa to voice. The radio makes its own CTCSS on transmit.

Yep, it works fine with iaxRpt for Windows. How can I change the inital
frequency 146.580 MHz to another one? It is not a frequency for hamradio in
germany. I found 146.580 MHz in app_rpt.c, but I hope there is another way
to change it ;)


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