[App_rpt-users] Re Kenwood Remote TRX

Jim Duuuude telesistant at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 17 11:10:56 EDT 2010

Well, sorry but *WRONG!!!*. 1200 packet mode rolls off the
low side of the audio spectrum and makes CTCSS decoding completely
impossible. Its not too happy with the high side of the spectrum
and the squelch detection either. Thats why I was forced to use
9600 and having to give it a signal higher then the Alps.

I dont know why the radio is so hard-of-hearing at 9600 baud,
but thats Kenwood for you. You will also need the "txboost=y"
in the usbradio.conf (and the latest version of software that
supports it).


> From: jann at gmx.de
> To: telesistant at hotmail.com; app_rpt-users at qrvc.com
> Subject: Re [App_rpt-users] Kenwood Remote TRX
> Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 15:06:05 +0100
> Hello Jim,
>> Yep 9600 baud packet mode is
>> perfict. You will need to feed the URI output through the 2X
>> amplifier since the Kenwood takes boat-loads of audio to
>> modulate it properly.
> I checked the TM-D700 manual:
> "Output of detected 9600 bps data (500 mVP-P, 10 kOhm) -> Also functions as
> a common pin for 1200 bps and 9600 bps data output."
> RX seems the same as for 9600 baud packet mode. For TX i tried 1200 bps with
> a low setting of "txvoice" (radio tune txvoice 100). Seems to be another way
> without using the amplifier + txboost=1. Or am I wrong?
>> Set carrier detect and rxctcss to dsp
>> and txmixa to voice. The radio makes its own CTCSS on transmit.
> Yep, it works fine with iaxRpt for Windows. How can I change the inital
> frequency 146.580 MHz to another one? It is not a frequency for hamradio in
> germany. I found 146.580 MHz in app_rpt.c, but I hope there is another way
> to change it ;)
> Thanks!
> 73,
> Jann

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