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Ken ke2n at cs.com
Wed Mar 24 17:40:38 EDT 2010

OK - that is the first real response to my question

#1 - VOX the fob w/NWS

I guess you get to hear all the warning tones etc...

I have had my weather radio since the end of last year and it has not triggered once yet (while I was home anyway)
I am waiting to see if the radio stops talking after the message is read one time.
= = =
"Parapin.c" uses the printer port? (I don’t have one)

Is there some way to access the fob's spare GPIO line? Does one have to hack into the usbradio C-code, or is there a function?


PS - by installing the Asterisk v1.4 add-in that plays MP3's directly, I do not need to use Cepstral (and tricky scripts) to play advisories.  Of course I am fortunate to live where these are available for my area.

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> I went super simple. USB fob in vox mode hooked to the audio output of
> the SAME-NWS radio.
> I have it set for code 9999 (any alert). Any time there is a duck fart
> (FIPS code sent) it opens the
> squelch of the NWS radio and the audio is heard on the repeater. As
> soon as the closing stanza is sent the audio stops and the vox drops.
> Works like a charm every time.
> Now if you want to get fancy you could take two opto isolaters and
> take the output signals through an OR gate to a parallel port pin.
> Then use a little C code using the parapin.c to watch that pin, and
> call a program that will change asterisk config files and reload the
> rpt.conf changing the Courtesy tone to a Morse W... but that's a bit
> much..... LOL (I am seriously considering doing just that)
> I also have some scripts I modified from what Randy KC6HUR and W0ANM
> hacked up for IRLP.
> They are really nice and use cepstrals TTS engine for linux. I have it
> announce new alerts for my county immediately, then every 10,10,15,30
> minutes then hourly there after if for a watch/flood /winter
> advisory...
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> On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 09:41, Ken <ke2n at cs.com> wrote:
> > With spring storm season on its way, I would like to add the NWS
> Emergency
> > Alert System messages to my setup.  I wonder what other people are
> doing?
> > Before I do an entirely hardware-based approach I wonder if there is
> some
> > software approach that would eliminate some relays and cables and
> maybe
> > function better?
> >
> > I have a simple radio that does the SAME decoding and can turn on
> signals
> > for 'alert' and 'warning' and so forth. Repeater-builder has an
> article
> > about using these, but my recollection is that when a warning
> statement has
> > been issued, the warning light stays on the whole time - until the
> warning
> > is canceled.  The EAS messages are, by definition, always less than 2
> > minutes.
> >
> > What I would like to do is just play the message once whenever the
> NWS blows
> > the horn (1050 Hz tone lasting from 8-20 seconds).
> >
> > Seems to me that the require functionality (if one were willing to
> dedicate
> > a URI to the weather radio) would be to listen for the tone (1050 Hz
> for 7
> > seconds or more) then, when the tone stops, link-in the audio until
> the
> > end-of-message AFSK burst is detected - or two minutes, whichever
> comes
> > first.
> > Note:  I have the MP3 forecasts (podcasts) already working on the
> machine
> > but the EAS messages are not sent in MP3 format, being considered too
> > critical for that.
> >
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