[App_rpt-users] Iax_Rpt on Windows

Bob Brown - WØNQX bbrown at byrg.net
Sun May 2 16:26:57 EDT 2010

been using it on a windows7 netbook box just fine

with no ill effect.... i did use the netbook audio mgr to reset my mic
levels to taste though, and i have used a USB headset too with no problems.

and i agree about the Xeletec web site,  have not seen much activity over
there either.

i also know if you go in to the IAX  application settings and set your audio
device to the device your hardware is using helps in getting the right
settings too. i belive IAX uses "default" settings on start up.

although most of the time i end up on my IP phone instead of tying up the pc
with IAX traffic.

But it is great in office or hotel settings where you want to check in
without a radio.

Thanks in Advance

  Bob Brown, WØNQX

  Kansas City Metro Area




Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

On Sun, May 2, 2010 at 15:12, Ken <ke2n at cs.com> wrote:

>  Two months ago I tried IAX_rpt with my asterisk setup and found that the
> on-the-air transmit level was way too low, no matter what I did at the GUI
> client end (Windows XP).  A friend of mine tried it on his computer and got
> the same result. (The current version 1.1.27).
> The bar graph for the microphone level seems way too high for the audio
> input, compared with other programs. The output bar graph seems to track the
> repeater’s audio, but the sound level being produced is low (again, compared
> with other programs).  It’s as if there is some fundamental scaling error in
> the audio processing in IAX_rtp. I am wondering if other people are seeing
> this. Or saw it and fixed it.
> Posting something here resulted in a suggestion to post my observation at
> the Xeletec web site – which I did – but after 8 weeks - no answer from
> anyone over there.  In fact, no one is posting anything new over there at
> all.
> It’s a nice tool but, in my experience, it’s unusable due to bad audio
> levels.
> Ken
> KE2N
> Allstar 27021/27061
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