[App_rpt-users] Noise Problem with URI and Voter Comment

MICHAEL SMITH kb8wlw at me.com
Tue May 4 08:41:06 EDT 2010

I would love to see the ability to vote sites with the app_rpt software.  After some side discussion with a fellow lister, I understand this would be very difficult to implement.  Is there another alternative to time based GPS interface?  I know it would not be "true" voting, but may be helpful in some cases.  Would it be possible send time data to get the signals close and then select the receiver based on receiver signal strength?

Now for my real question.  I have looked through the archives and did not see anything, but I am suffering a noise problem.  Ok I know what your thinking, it must be a ground loop.  But I do not believe it is and I tried grounding everything.  Let me give some history.  I first setup Asterisk on a laptop and connected to a 900 MHz GE net station (again, thanks Doug for the help putting it on the air).  Because the oscillator is always hot, you can here a carrier locally with an HT.  Immediately I heard a high frequency whine that changed with screen changes on the computer.  I tried three different computers and two other repeaters, a 440 Mastr II Station and home brew UHF Hamtronics.  All of the configurations had the same noise.  I even tried isolating some equipment offsite.  During some trouble shooting, I noticed something that I thought was strange.  I had the transmitter locked on the air by grounding the PPT line and when I stopped Asterisk by sending a "astdn.sh", the noise stops.

The noise is only present when asterisk is running.  The only thing in common is me and the URI.  Any suggestions?

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