[App_rpt-users] Noise Problem with URI

Ken ke2n at cs.com
Tue May 4 15:43:50 EDT 2010

I would be curious to know what level you run the tx output at ?
I put an extra pot inside my exciter,?at the audio input, so that I could?run the txmixer (or whatever it is called) at around 500 - half of full scale.
I had a noise problem on the CTCSS input of the Hantronics, as well, when I added the separate PL signal later on.
That is because?the Hamtronics CTCSS input?is *very* low level and high impedance. In that case, I just put a 47 ohm resistor at the exciter input.??The URI has no trouble driving into this low-Z and it killed that particular noise.
I get one more noise that I cannot figure out though ... at the end of a users transmission there is kind of a low-pitched "glug-glug" noise before the courtesy beep - seems like some sort of artifact similar to a previous version that would not play disconnect messages - but would still make some sort of noise...

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