[App_rpt-users] Have to manually crank the usb fob to make it work?

Steve Gladden steve at michiganbroadband.com
Sat May 8 21:11:42 EDT 2010

Just did a clean install of ACID on a Compaq DL380 server
This is a Box with Dual Pentium 733's and no built on USB.

Also to make this more fun I'm using a USB PCI card
to get USB support.
The card has an NEC chipset and I can provide more details as

It reliably does not work on bootup.
What I mean by that the USB FOB is not producing any audio
on it's output..
It has the normal flashing light on the fob and the software behaves
like usual when sending audio (no errors) or anything on screen that
looks out of ordinary..

Now if I manually do an:

rpt restart

and then

radio key
radio unkey

a few times it startes to work and then works just fine after that..

If I restart asterisk or the entire box the problem comes back.

Has anyone else ever experienced this or soething like it?

I will try another USB card and moving the card around to different

Just weird...

and that it works after slapping it around with commands...

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