[App_rpt-users] SIP phones

F6HQZ f6hqz-m at hamwlan.net
Thu May 13 14:31:54 EDT 2010

Hi men,

In Europe, and mainly France where I am, you can see :

- Aastra (excellent for business, perfect sound, easy provisionning, 
BLF, excellent pricing)
- Polycom (excellent audio, business class, not realy present here due 
to a poor distribution in Europe and the higher prices against other brands)
- Snom (correct audio, but not so good than Aastra or Polycom, very 
complete features, but higher price than Aastra)
- Thomson (but I don't like them)
- Grandstream (I don't like them)
- few chinese models (I like the AR1688 chipset, IAX compliant)

And, I use also my iPhone with few SIP or IAX softphones applications.
One is nice, called "Fring", which can group all your chat/phone 
applications account in only one, and permitting to use Skype phone on 
3G !!!

Francois F6HQZ

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