[App_rpt-users] Just beginning

Stephen Rodgers sales at qrvc.com
Sat May 22 15:20:36 EDT 2010

Ron Polluconi wrote:
> Hello,
> I have built the CentOS system and installed it via the distribution
> disk along with Asterisk as part of the distribution.
> Everything seems OK but when I noticed that the .conf files were not
> passed the node and password information. I have edited the iax.conf and
> rpt.conf files and, hopefully resolved that issue.
> My issue is trying to make  the modified CM105 fob come up and be
> recognized.
> Watching the boot process for CentOS it seems the fob is seen and
> recognized but when I enter into the the Radio Tune functions I get the
> following;
> Radio Tune
> Active Radio interface is [USB]
> Device string is
> Card is -1
> The RED and Green LED's on the FOB are both on solid not flashing as
> noted in the set up text.
> When I try a command
> Radio Tune Txvoice 500
> The response is Device USB currently not active.
> Any an all help is very much appreciated....
> Thanks,
> Ron Polluconi
> rpolluconi at verizon.net
> KJ7IY  - ORRC Region 2 Director
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If the LED is not continually blinking, Asterisk is probably not seeing your usb device.
CM105 is either a typo or we don't support it. CM108 chips are supported. Also, there are several unscrupulous vendors
on the web claiming their devices are CM108's but they really aren't. Several people have been fooled by these guys. If
you pop the plastic cover, the chip should say CM108 on it. The best way to set up your first node is to
purchase the URI and not go through the grief. Once you get comfortable with how things are set up, then you can try the
modified fobs.

nodesetup.sh can be used to set the node number and password, but if you modified iax.conf and rpt.conf, then it will
probably complain the file is inconsistent with the others. If you saved the originals, restore them back and use the
nodsetup.sh script.


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