[App_rpt-users] ACID flaw / bug

Shane Young K0SEY K0SEY at ShaneYoung.com
Mon May 31 13:02:25 EDT 2010


I'ts been several years since I've done anything productive with app_rpt.

My first node was online before the quadPCI card was released.  Since  
then, (for various reasons) it's been mostly offline.

This weekend, I thought I'd start to get things back together.  I  
ordered a USB radio interface and I downloaded ACID.

After I downloaded it, I burned it to a CDROM, then went about doing  
other things.

This morning, I was doing some casual web browsing and things were  
getting kind of slow, so I decided to reboot my pc.

While it was rebooting I got up to get something to drink and tidy up  
in the kitchen.

When I came back, I was a bit supprised at what I saw on my PC.  It  
was in the process of destroying itself with the ACID installation.

Now, I've burned many installers to CD before, so I'm never supprised  
to find the "boot" prompt of a some OS installer, but I've never had  
an OS installer decide to trash the system on it's own.

Just to validate what happened, I rebooted and watched what happned.

The Centos screen came up and gave me an obvious warning that pressing  
enter will destroy anything on my system and install centos.  It did  
not say that it would install on it's own if I did nothing.

I did not press enter, but after a minute or so, it started all on it's own.

I'm somewhat at a loss of words to describe why I think it's a bad  
idea for an OS installer to act this way.

Is there any logical reason why it's this way?


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