[App_rpt-users] Help!!!! cant get iaxRpt to connect -firewall problems?

Mitch Clifford mitch at aussietalk.net
Wed Sep 8 09:03:31 EDT 2010

G'day all
well, he is a newbies question
i have installed the current version of xelatec's XIPPR on a machine i have spare here and all looks to have gone fine.... webmin works,ect,ect...
i have installed iaxRPT on this machine i'm using now and i just cant get the damn thing to connect
i have opened the correct ports on my router and windoze machine, spent 3 days trolling around for any info but with no luck but the only thing left i can think of is that the ports on the linix machine are closed...
i have looked at the iptables file but that looks un populated so is XIPPR using some other form of firewall?
sorry for my first post to be a "HELP" message but this looks to be a real fun toy to play with but its fustrating me to hell
thanks for reading and cheers
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