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Roger F. Jordan Sr. w4rfj at comcast.net
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Actually Doug,  The chip in this FOB is a CM-109.  But it works just as
well!  The plus is that this FOB has the EEPROM installed!  I am not sure if
there is any more experimenting going on with the EEPROM. 


 I personally do not think the URI is the best way to go.  It works because
it has the same chip "CM-108".  I have successfully modified many a FOB with
great success!  It is just a matter of how you decide to modify them.  My
method is a little more involved, but very reliable. The only issue is
Soldering to pin 13 (which I made easier by using 30 Gauge wire). I do not
even use the Diode (I use PL as generated/decoded by the CM108/9) even
though you could include it!.  I mount all components on an external PCB. I
even mount the FOB to the PCB with some solid wire thru the existing holes
left when the sockets are removed.  So I do not consider the FOB mod as
being cheap!  I personally believe that if you have the "know how" you can
do the modification and save the green backs for that awesome HF rig you
want to add to your shack!


I am working on a device that will house several FOBs and use 1 USB cable.
Issue is the USB Hub.  I will get it in time! That is what HAM Radio is all
about. do and learn!


Have Fun everyone!


Roger W4RFJ


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Yes URI will do the job but if you want a fob which is CM108 :-


$6.99 ea free shipping too.


On 08/09/2010 2:54 PM, Marshall Dias wrote: 

I agree the URI is no doubt the best route to go!  

There is NO advantage to a CM108. Don't think for a min that being cheap is
acceptable in this situation.

On that note, I do have 4 genuine CM108 fobs, NIB that I will sell for $25
each + $5 shipping.



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Use a URI adapter from DMK.
No modifications needed.


Mark Cheavens
At 08:08 AM 9/8/2010, Corey Dean   N3FE wrote:

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I have been having a heck of a time trying to find a fob with a cm108 chip
in it.  I have 5 fobs here all from different suppliers and none of them
have the right chip even though they were listed as a cm108.
I had seen a alsaradio channel driver and tried that but it errors our
asterisk with a 127 error.  Is there anything out there so that we can use
serial/soundcard interfacing instead of a fob or the expensive quad card?
Corey  N3FE


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