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Hello to the list,

> If you are too cheap to buy a URI, go run an EchoStink node!

I'd like to comment on this one.. There are a few of us "home brewers" left in this hobby. A large part of my Amateur station was home brewed. I take a great deal of pride in my equipment, especially the home built stuff. In many cases, these are my own designs, not just something I built from a kit. 

I'll bet that I'm not the only one here that wants to modify my own CM108 fob, rather than buy one. This is not necessarily because I'm a cheap skate. 

I'm sorry to read that you have a problem with homebrewing and the largest VOIP system in existence. 

Oh, and I do run a couple of Echolink nodes FWIW.. 


Olathe, KS

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This is MY opinion and may not be the opinion of the AllStar Team.

What is the obsession with these FOBs?  This community has a great source of quality interfaces, and there is NO reason not to utilize them.  DMK doesn't HAVE to provide the URI, but thankfully they do.  For all you who have bought knockoff FOBs with the hopes of them being a CM108, how much money have you wasted? If you are too cheap to buy a URI, go run an EchoStink node!

ok, im off my soapbox, thanks

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