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Corey Dean N3FE n3fe at repeater.net
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All fixed!  Thank you...  I guess I was over driving the fob.  I had the voice audio at 950 to get it where I needed it.  I had the tx pl to high.  Now it is to low.  Guess I will be building up an op amp so I can get things where it should be.

Thanks for the fast response!  That could care of everything!

Corey N3FE

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You should be using one of the USB options that limits the audio output
level (txprelim=yes or txlimonly=yes)


If you are running composite audio, you need to  make sure that the txtone
and txvoice settings together do not total more than 1000.

Otherwise  you will overdrive the sound device and make nasty noises.






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I am loving the app_rpt node.  I am having a blast with it and it is quite
powerful, but I have one last thing I just can't figure out.

The audio coming from allison and other connect messages, even playing the
time with the male voice crackles.  It doesn't matter if I lower the audio
in the configs or not.  I even wired up a powered speaker and have the same
result.  The audio sounds like it is 5KHZ off.  Changes the settings in
radio tune only lowers the levels, it doesn't remove the crackles, it just
lowers the volume of the crackles.  Any ideas on where I should be looking
to rememdy this?  Is there a setting somewhere where I can lower the built
in voice?

Corey N3FE

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