[App_rpt-users] node stops talking to URI

REDBUTTON_CTRL jrorke at cogeco.ca
Sun Sep 19 08:49:58 EDT 2010

  Hi All, I have been having this problem for quire some time.
I have a server box that has 2 nodes on it with URIs.
The first node is 2379 (USB0) and the second is 2416 (USB1).
The problem is the first node seems to stop talking to the URI randomly.
The computer says its still connected to the URI but the URI wont key 
the radio nor any RX audio comes through when this happens.
Asterisk reports the 2 nodes connected internally when its in this faild 
mode and I can get audio from the second node 2416 if I am connected to 
2379 with an other node but no audio is transmitted out on 2379.

The 2 nodes are simplex nodes. These 2 nodes create a link bridge to 
connect 2 repeaters together.
I normally have a start up macro to connect the 2 nodes and its a perm 
When the first node stops talking to the URI the kink goes down between 
the 2 repeaters.

We tried swapping the 2 URIs to see if the problem follows the URI but 
no it always happens on the first node 2379.

The only way I know how to get it going again is to remotely reboot the 
box. Nothing else will get the node working again.

The original box (p4 3 gig IBM) was set up the same way and the same 
thing was happening once every 2 to 3 weeks.
Since then that original box died- ps failure so I rebuilt the box in 
July on an other machine (p4 3gig HP).
Now we get the same failure but much more often.  Now it happens on the 
average once aver 2 days and some times within 8 hours of a re boot!

When I rebuilt the node I used the latest Acid cd at the time and re did 
all the conf files with the latest configs so no copying from the 
original backup files. So this is 2 different computers with 2 different 
builds with the same problem.

Here's the node info :

app Rpt  version 0.255
These are migrated nodes.
The URIs are original CM108 units.

I did report this issue some time ago but nobody has any ideas as to 
whats going on. This time I knbow its got to be something in software on 
the first node.
Sorry for the long post but this has been nagging me for some time and 
now its getting to the point that I have to reboot the box before nets 
to make sure its working and even then there is no guarantee it will 
stay connected.



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