[App_rpt-users] node stops talking to URI

REDBUTTON_CTRL jrorke at cogeco.ca
Sun Sep 19 11:00:28 EDT 2010

  Further info:
  The affected node 2379's URI is off but the other URI on the other 
node 2416 was still on and flashing.
If the Bios and/or Centos is shutting off the USB port then why doesn't 
it shut off the other node too?

I have other boxes with single nodes that this never happens. I have 
built 2 other boxes with 3 nodes and 4 nodes, all of which are using 
URIs and this doesn't seem to happen.

I thought I went through all the bios settings to make sure nothing goes 
to sleep.

This has happened on 2 different pcs with a dual node config.


   The URI appears to be off with no lights on when this happens.

On 9/19/2010 10:03 AM, Ken wrote:

>  This sounds like a case where the BIOS (or CENTOS?) decides to shut off the
>  USB port for power management reasons after seeing no data for an extended
>  period of time ... does the green light just stop blinking or go out
>  altogether?  Maybe you could program the links to send some silence or
>  something every 5 minutes and see if that keeps it alive... as an
>  experiment.
>  Ken

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