[App_rpt-users] VX2000 Yaesu Radio

keith handscombe keith at handscombe.co.uk
Sun Sep 26 13:13:34 EDT 2010


Good afternoon all,


I run the MB7IIP node in the UK and at present have an Alinco in 9600 Baud
running my node. The USB mod on the key fob works great and I would like to
add a 70cm link. The radio is a Yaesu VX 2000 can someone give us a hand
with the connectivity of this radio and the changes to my USB config please.

I have included the wire code I have and the wire code of the VX2000. I have
swapped the TX RX over as this seemed to me as the only change needed but
still nothing from DTMF. I can go into asterisk and force a ptt as a console
command and the radio will then PTT help now needed as I have tried most of
last night and today. Many thanks for any help


Details are:


The Alinco is wired as follows and  I have flat audio set on key fob plus
key fob is sorting CTCSS




The Yaesu VX2000 is as follows as this too has a 9 pin connector on the rear
of the radio. The radio is set in DFLT mode at the moment.




Default and Alternate Configurations, Signal Levels, Notes



High level (5VDC / 47 kOhms) when carrier received. This does NOT care about
any kind of coded squelch, just RF signal.



DFLT - De-emphasized Audio Output: 100mV, 10 kOhm. The output level is fixed
at the factory by having no jumper at JP1003 and soldering the jumper at
JP1002 on the Main unit.

ALT - Flat (not De-Emphasized) Unmuted Audio Output: 250mV, 10 kOhm.
Unsolder the jumper at JP1002 and solder a jumper at JP1003 on the Main



DFLT - Pre-Emphasized / IDC / Splatter Filtered Audio Input: 2.5mV, 600 Ohm.
This input is fixed at the factory by attaching capacitor C1254 across
JP1005 and soldering a jumper at JP1004 on the Main unit.

ALT - Flat (not Pre-Emphasized) Audio Input: 650mV, 10 kOhm. Remove the
jumper at JP1004 and solder a jumper across JP1005 on the Main unit.


Not Used




Signal ground.



DFLT - Not Used. No jumper across JP1001 on the Main unit.

ALT - Accessory Output: Open Connector Output. 'A' lamp On: Low, 'A' lamp
Off: Open. Maximum voltage: 13.8V. Maximum sink current: 5mA. Solder a
jumper at JP1001 on the MAIN Unit.


PTT Input

Ground for TX, float for RX.



Switched and regulated 5VDC at 50mA.


Not Used




I hope someone can assist in the wire code changes from the Alinco to the
VX2000. If whomever can help explains that the VX2000 would work better if I
change to the ALT method I am happy to make the changes.


Once again many thanks



K Handscombe





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