[App_rpt-users] How to add an IAX2 extension to call via radio

Alex Casanova bogus at terra.es
Mon Sep 27 13:51:08 EDT 2010


My name is Alex Casanova (EA5HJX) this is the my first time with module. 
I am working in a project to integrate radio with VoIP (Asterisk). The 
project is HSMMN (High Speed Multimedia Network) in Spain.

I have a computer with Allstarlink with an URI. Now I would like to 
create an IAX2 or SIP account to call out via radio.

I followed the steps so far are:

in iax.conf

type = friend
secret = radio
callerid = "IAX Phone <100>
host = dynamic
context = radio-secure
Qualify = yes
autokill = yes
disallow = all
allow = gsm

My guess is that I have to put extensions.conf or rpt.conf to call an 
extension and broadcast through radio.

Thanks for all
Best Regards
Alex Casanova (EA5HJX)

1) www.bicubik.net/hsmmn

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