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                I am not even necessarily advocating them for this
application. What I can say is ALL of the USB 7.1 devices I have bought or
physically have had access to have either CM1xx or SSS1623 chipsets.. the
5.1 marked devices. all bets are off.. In all the 7.1 sound devices I bought
that used to be CM1xx, current shipped product have the SSS1623 chips. ( I
have bought at least 8 or 10 lots of various sellers on Ebay).


                Obviously this is all  subject to change at the whim of the
Chinese sellers/builders. So it is a moving target. I use the ebay search
of" USB sound 7.1" and then filter by those who do state the chip, but you
are correct.. several that even USED to be CM1xx are shipping SSS1623 in
place of CM1xx. and are still claiming to be CM1xx. 


                I have not seen any other chips being used in the 7.1
devices.. but others may weigh in.


As I stated.. I personally use URI's. I have no pony in the race here. I do
use them for other things I own about 30 of the little buggers of one
variety or another. Stay AWAY from the little green meanies for anything
where high resolution is an issue.. I find their "fidelity" atrocious and
would not consider them for anything besides a cheap headphone interface for
a PC with no other sound.. 






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As I have stated in the past (and got absolutely no significantly helpful
I wil be MORE THEN HAPPY to evaluate whatever "the" popular USB chip is 
currently, if SOMEONE would PLEASE determine what that is, and demonstate
to me that it is the case (perhaps by showing me a number of places where
are available and are clearly documented as to be the desired device. After
we cant have people relying on complete luck and/or randomness as far as
they are buying an appropriate device).

Personally, I took a look at various random places, such as EBAY that sell a
of USB audio devices, and for the most part NONE of them even HINT as to the
maker/type of USB device contained in them. 

And then of course, there are the ones that say they are the C-media chip
and LIE!!
Poo-ey on them!!!


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> JMTek is the vendor for the SS1623 chipset. This chipset works well in
> windows and other Linux applications such as pcrepeatercontroller etc.. as
> high quality high scan rate device... It is unfortunate it does not work
> App_rpt at this time. It does seem to be the currently available successor
> to the C-Media chip family being found in many sound fobs coming in to the
> U.S. at this time.. They do work well in many other amateur radio type
> projects going on.... In general they perform as well as C-Media
> other than using another driver... the I/O pin may or may not be there
> is used for the PTT, I have not investigated that as I use URI's for
> systems I am building...
> Doug
> KD8B 
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> Yes ... it took at >month for me to get mine and even though the package
> CM-108 written right on it, the chip is identified by Linux as JMTek
> chip I think). I sent an e-mail expressing my disappointment (which was
> un-acknowledged by Dealextreme).
> I found if you modify the vendor codes in usb_radio.c so that the program
> thinks this JMTek is actually a C-Media unit, it will scan the fob and
> audio. It will not turn the red light on for transmit though ... which is
> immaterial anyway, since you cannot get at the wire you need inside the
> 'blob' to use for PTT. I think it could be used for my weather radio
> application, but the software changes would be a bit tricky (for me)
> some if/and/or logic more complicated - getting the arrangement of left
> right parenthesis correct eluded on the first try. 
> I have one other source on the way now, which would be the preferable
> solution (no software mod needed). But I will not be surprised if it turns
> out to have the wrong chip.
> Ken
> Buyer beware, as usual.
> www.dinodirect.com/sound-card-adapter-usb-cm108-chipset.html?ddse=CM-108
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> > 
> > 
> > I received my CM108 fobs yesterday. I ordered them from:
> > http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.21812
> > 
> > I haven't had much time to play with them yet, but the IC is a "blob"
> > much
> > like the cheapo Ebay fobs.
> > 
> > Has anybody had the same problem?
> > 
> > 73.
> > 
> > Kyle
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