[App_rpt-users] Maxtrac as a remote base

Ken ke2n at cs.com
Wed Sep 29 13:15:03 EDT 2010

I was interested to see this comment on the output lines. Inputs would be
nice too.


I have mentioned in some previous correspondence that it would be GREAT to
have some digital I/O control - for example: the weather radio application.
You could sense when the "alert" or "warning" LED's were on with the inputs
(and change the courtesy tone or tail message, perhaps) and hit the "play"
button with the output, to catch the latest warning message details
(warning messages are not sent out on the internet as mpeg podcasts, for
obvious reasons).  


This kind of functionality is standard on commercial repeater controllers
(previously used here RLC and CAT WX200 - RLC Club deluxe had 5 input lines
and 8 output lines, its successor - the DSP404 - has 16 of each and 15
analog channels).


The mind boggles at the things you could do if there were some user-useable
I/O and a simple way to read/write these under the control of app_rpt macros
and/or external programs.






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That's an interesting question. Obviously the USB device has a couple of
outputs on
it that certainly could be accessed by the chan_usbradio and/or
modules and controlled through app_rpt. The URI was also designed with this
mind, being that we brought all the outputs out to the connector.

In nearly 10 years that this project has been going on, you are the FIRST
person to
even ask this question or show any interest in using these outputs. This is
the main
reason why I never bothered to implement this functionality.

Sure, it can be done. Yeah, Ill work on this. Heck, even if you're the only
person that
ever uses it, at least you can benefit from the work involved.


> Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 10:05:21 -0400
> From: n3fe at repeater.net
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> Subject: [App_rpt-users] Maxtrac as a remote base
> I have been up and running now for about a month. I have added a
> maxtrac radio to use as a remote base. On my other controllers I would
> pulse a line to ground momentarily to move the channel up or down. I
> have done some reading and I haven't seen anything that talks about
> app_rpt doing this.
> Does asterisk/app_rpt have the ability to work with outputs? What would
> need to be done to be able to do something like this if something isn't
> already in place for it?
> Corey N3FE
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