[App_rpt-users] Parallel port I/O withchan_simpleusb/usbradiounder Limey Linux

George Csahanin george at dyb.com
Tue Aug 30 21:54:00 EDT 2011

Hey guys, I really need some help with ppin. Works finew with ACID, ppx-ptt 
works fine, under both distros, pp in for cor just will not work in Limey, 
and I have no more hair to pull out. Does pp work as an input under Limey, 
and docs I find doesn't say it does not work, but I gave up hope and just 
deployed the system with a hard drive, which isn't the way I needed to go.

Is it possible to use as an input?

I have it loading parport and parport_pc, thies EPP and ECP in the bios, and 
every combination of setups. I know I have it configured right, same config 
worked just fine in ACID

The only thing that could make Limey even more perfect is RTL8187 wireless 
support and parallel port input for COS.


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> Yes, I'm using them as BCD outputs to steer a "memory-agile" GE Delta-S
> remote base radio under Limey.  You'll probably recall you and I going 
> back
> and forth on some bug fixes a while back to get it working.  The biggest
> problems were related to ioperm permissions; I think I fixed the last of 
> the
> bugs myself.
> --- Jeff WN3A
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>> Has anyone ever successfully used the PPIO (*not* GPIO) extensions
>> of chan_usbradio and/or chan_simpleusb under Limey Linux??
>> I think I have run into one of those famous old "how in the world
>> did this EVER work" sorta things. I dont think it did.
>> If anyone has, please let me know.

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