[App_rpt-users] iax / Asterisk & I should never be called

Ken ke2n at cs.com
Sun Jan 2 21:34:02 EST 2011



The funny warning message comes from the fact that iaxRpt is not compatible
with port address translation (PAT). 

I switched to the "bindport" method of changing the port number.

But I still have the original problem: one node connects, the other does


The connection that works looks like this: 

-- Executing [27061 at radio-gui:1] Rpt("IAX2/gui-5701", "27061|X") in new


The one that does not work looks like this:

-- Executing [27021 at radio-gui:1] Rpt("IAX2/gui-5264", "(27021|X)") in new

  == Parsing '/etc/asterisk/rpt.conf': Found

  == Parsing '/var/lib/asterisk/rpt_extnodes': Found


[Jan  2 20:11:37] WARNING[24086]: app_rpt.c:20884 rpt_exec: Cannot find
specified system node (27021


The obvious difference being the left parenthesis ahead of the node number. 

It seems that Asterisk is being asked to connect 27061 in one case and
"(27021" in the other case.

And Asterisk is complaining about a node whose number starts with a "("

I cannot figure out where the extra "(" is coming from..




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