[App_rpt-users] Audio gateway issues??

Tony Langdon, VK3JED vk3jed at vkradio.com
Tue Jan 11 15:35:04 EST 2011

At 06:20 AM 1/12/2011, Jim Duuuude wrote:
>We have. It isnt on an app_rpt/allstar node. Its physically tied into an IRLP
>reflector at the source, which I guess is up to the discression of 
>the reflector

That's correct.  Reflector owners do often tie a channel to other 
networks.  I am planning on linking IRLP reflector 9559 to an AllStar 
hub, using chan_tlb and thelinkbox.  Reflector interconnections are 
permitted (provided it's done by the owner, or with owner approval), 
because they are fixed and easily avoided by people who want to be 
IRLP snobs. ;)  Half of my reflector channels already link to 
Echolink, and I want to add AllStar to that mix.

73 de VK3JED / VK3IRL

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