[App_rpt-users] Audio gateway issues??

Tony Langdon, VK3JED vk3jed at vkradio.com
Fri Jan 14 17:16:19 EST 2011

At 08:27 AM 1/15/2011, Matt Beasant wrote:
>In case anyone is interested....
>I have scripted a solution that is currently acceptable to Dave 
>Cameron and Dave Gingrinch of IRLP fame,  as an interim solution - 
>this allows me to keep my allstar node functioning with IRLP while I 
>try and devise a solution to keep my 2 IRLP nodes "alive", currently 
>running within Allstar.
>Basically it uses the connect and disconnect scripts (that used to 
>tweet the repeater status) to determine if an IRLP node is 
>connecting. If it is an IRLP node, then the "No Incoming mode" is 
>selected, stopping any crosslinking to Echolink or other Allstar 
>nodes. This doesnt affect the existing Allstar connections in use to 
>link my repeaters together, which is why its difficult for me to use 
>traditional IRLP nodes.

This is pretty much how EchoIRLP does it, and something I remember 
suggesting way back.

>If an additional Allstar node or Echolink node connects, the script 
>deletes the "enable" file from the IRLP/Local directory, thereby 
>disabling the IRLP node and stopping any incoming or outgoing IRLP 
>connections for the duration. Once the other node disconnects the 
>"enable" file is restored, enabling the IRLP node once more.

A more "correct" way of doing it would be to flag your node as busy, 
which is achieved simply by putting your _own_ IRLP node number into 
$LOCAL/active.  When other IRLP nodes attempt to connect, they see 
you as busy, and the status page will report you as "connected to 
Echolink", instead of "offline".  This is the method EchoIRLP uses, 
which was worked out in consultation with Dave Cameron many years ago.

>I've done this externally to the Allstar code as I dont know how to 
>code it within the applcation but I am sure it would be possible to 
>code a solution to keep the IRLP folk happy and with inherent 
>flexibility within Allstar, it could be enabled and disabled as required.
>I can't emphasise enough how great it would be if we could have IRLP 
>back as an integral part of Allstar - is it dead forever? I hope not.

I think if the above is implemented, and run past Dave Cameron, you 
have every chance of getting AllStar back into the IRLP fold.  This 
is all that was required in the first place.  From what I understand, 
and asking questions of the Asterisk gurus, this is entirely 
feasible.  I just never had an AllStar node working to develop it 
myself (and that can't happen until later this year at the 
earliest).  I have the hardware (a couple of URIs, radios, etc) and 
the AllStar node number, but am in a somewhat temporary situation at 
the moment.

73 de VK3JED / VK3IRL

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