[App_rpt-users] scripts to lockout other connections during an IRLP connection

Matt Beasant g4rky at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jan 15 17:27:44 EST 2011


After my earlier posting about the IRLP scripts, I had a number of emails
asking for the scripts and a how to. Well here it is.

First let me say that I know this is a nasty way to achieve this but its the
only way I could come up with as I am not a programmer / coder and I am also
crap at script writing!
Next, there is bound to be a much better / neater / more correct way to
achieve this but I am not the guy to do it - this is the limit of my
scripting ability right now!
Finally, this will not affect any pre existing connections - this is by
design as I use Allstar to link my repeaters together and one of these
repeaters has an Echolink and IRLP node on it. This node is where the
scripts live. My linked repeaters are not affected by this setup, the
Echolink and IRLP calls come and go as do the Allstar connections.

Tony VK3JED has suggested that it would be better to mark the node as busy
rather than disabled and I agree, so I'm going to work on this sometime

I made these scripts by modifying the twitter scripts that Randy Hammock
gave me a while ago.

First you need to modify your rpt.conf file to refer to the connect and
disconnect scripts by adding these lines:



in the node stanza.

Then add these files to your /etc/asterisk directory:


It is VITAL that you edit these scripts to add your node number in the two
locations stated in the script itself.

The scripts can be downloaded from here:


Good luck! Oh and don't blame me if you break anything!


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