[App_rpt-users] Echolink announcements.

Buddy Brannan buddy at brannan.name
Sun Jan 16 14:23:04 EST 2011

On Jan 16, 2011, at 1:28 PM, Scott Weis wrote:

> Has anyone else noticed that the eannmode= and echolinkdefault= no longer
> work?  I have eannmode=0 and echolinkdefault=0 and still get echolink
> announcements. Also when eannmode=2 or 3 I do not get callsigns anymore.

Yep, I've noticed this, too. Well, not the suppression of Echolink, because I never used that. However, W2DB turned me on to the solution, at least, to changing how Echolink nodes are announced (don't think you can suppress, though). 

Set up DTMF commands for cop 42 43 and 44. Then stick the appropriate one in your startup macro. 
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