[App_rpt-users] I should never be called!

Ken ke2n at cs.com
Mon Jan 17 18:25:19 EST 2011

Thanks to Jim, I finally got the iaxRpt working.
I could not see the extra comma no matter how long I stared at it
(why I do not do software for my day job)

The instructions on the Xelatec web site say to do this:


if I do that, I get the famous "I should never be called!" warning message.

With the comma plus parenthesis (as in my note below) it fails to connect.

The syntax that works, without error messages, is


where NODENUMBER is replaced with the digits of the asterisk node number.

Tnx again


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exten => 27021,1,rpt,(27021|X)

Either get rid of the comma after the rpt or
take the parenthesis off around the "27021|X"

From: ke2n at cs.com
To: telesistant at hotmail.com
Subject: RE: I should never be called!
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I assume that is a rhetorical question (if I knew the answer I would not be bothering you with it).
But I would like to point out that it actually said it couldn’t find  “(27021”  not  “27021”
Executing [27021 at radio-gui:1] Rpt("IAX2/gui-9348", "(27021|X)") in new stack
Executing [27061 at radio-gui:1] Rpt("IAX2/gui-5444", "27061|X") in new stack
But none of this considers the “I should never be called” message which would seem to indicate IAX is having indigestion even with the node that it does connect to successfully…

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