[App_rpt-users] Half Duplex works fine, Kerchunks on Full Duplex......

KI6PSP (Ed) ki6psp at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 19:21:00 EST 2011

At first I thought it was an RF problem, so I dropped filters in. Still the
same problem, so I thought floating ground. I disconnected the TX Radio, and
it still does it.

When I key my handheld, the RX radio feeds the Discriminator audio to my URI
and Asterisk hears me. But for some reason, it acts like I am just
kerchunking it. I see the output in the Asterisk Console for the "Donk"
every few seconds. I am not unkeying it, but it is acting like I am. Now
granted, I don't have a service monitor to output the proper tone for the
"radio tune rxtone" to set properly, but it works just fine on half duplex.

Did I miss something?
All I changed was the "Duplex=1" ---> "Duplex=2"
I would really love to fully deploy this repeater, now that I have all of
the parts I need.
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