[App_rpt-users] Half Duplex works fine, Kerchunks on Full Duplex......

Ken ke2n at cs.com
Mon Jan 17 20:38:08 EST 2011

You probably need to tighten up the squelch - with no signal present do

 radio tune rxsquelch


I usually set mine at 100 points above the strongest noise reading after
several tries.


Of course, your radio has to be set for receive tone squelch .. And the hang
time on the repeater needs to be longer than the tone squelch on your radio
(my radios need about 0.8 seconds of carrier with no tone, in order to
completely eliminate any sound).





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Ok, That was dumb. I added the Duplex line in the rpt.conf file, and didn't
think about a conflict with the usbradio.conf. Next question, now that it
works, I have an annoying squelch tail, how do I eliminate that?



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