[App_rpt-users] Installation problems with Intel 525 mini-itx

Peter Elke pete.elke at esquared.com
Tue Jan 18 13:49:17 EST 2011

Thanks Jim,


I will try it tonight and report back.




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Sorry! I made a type-o in a SQL query in the php source that generates
the usbradio.conf file!
duh! It should work a whole lot better now.


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> Hi,
> Had the same issue:
> "mpg123 no process killed
> Asterisk ended with exit status 1
> Asterisk died with code 1
> Automatically restarting Asterisk."
> This on a HP workstation that worked well in the past.
> In my case It turned out that the downloaded radio interface node
configuration (usbradio.conf) is not correct.
> It used to work OK up till last week.
> What I did, even if you see the above errors coming on the screen,
login as root and run astdn.sh to kill asterisk, that stopped the
> Then I manually updated the config files in /etc/asterisk and after a
reboot everything worked OK.
> If I run nodesetup.sh the files get downloaded from allstarlink.org
and after reboot the same problem starts again because the usbradio.conf
file is incorrect.
> 73 de N5HC
> Conny
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