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?What type of radio are you using for the node radio? And what interface? (EX:  Kenwood V71A  to a URI through the data port)

Just went through this with a another node one on one. The problem found was that the Kenwood V71A uses speaker audio not flat audio for the data port.

Icom and Kenwood would decode but Yeasu DTMF was not recognized.

On this same node I changed his status,1 and status,2 announcements to 11 and 12. Now the announcments do not play. If I issue rpt localplay nothing is generated over the rf side.
If I issue playback from the cli it plays the script local not global.  Any ideas?


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Subject: [App_rpt-users] DTMF decoding

Hello group,

I have another question.. I've just switched to Allstar from EchoIRLP, and am having trouble with the software dtmf decoder. All of my radios could command the EchoIRLP system, using the hardware DTMF decoder, but I'm having an issue with 2 radios on app_rpt and the software decoder.

Two rows of DTMF buttons are not decoding on 2 radios. On a few other radios, all buttons decode correctly.

My node radios are the same, and my mobile and HT are also the same. 

Is there a twist setting or other possible setting I could try changing? I would be elated if the hardware DTMF decoder were supported, but I am pretty sure it's not supported in app_rpt.

Thanks. 73.


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