[App_rpt-users] Echolink Link Status

Jim Duuuude telesistant at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 21 21:27:15 EST 2011

Chan_echolink now supports proper display/reporting to the echolink server stuff.

Please download the new version of chan_echolink.c from SVN.

For details on configuration, please see:

Note the following additions to the echolink.conf file:

freq=145.000 ; Freq in MHz
tone=100.0  ; CTCSS Tone (0 for none)
lat=34.74978  ; Latitude in decimal degrees
lon=-92.27666 ; Longitude in decimal degrees
power=0  ; 0=0W, 1=1W, 2=4W,  3=9W, 4=16W, 5=25W, 6=36W,  7=49W,  8=64W,  9=81W  (Power in Watts)
height=0 ; 0=10' ,1=20',2=40',3=80' ,4=160' ,5=320' ,6=640' ,7=1280',8=2560',9=5120' (AMSL in Feet)
gain=7 ; Gain in db (0-9)
dir=0 ; 0=omni, 1=45deg, 2=90deg, 3=135deg, 4=180deg, 5=225deg, 6=270deg, 7=315deg, 8=360deg (Direction)

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