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Ken ke2n at cs.com
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I think there is a setting for this

propagate_dtmf=     see

but, for controlling remote asterisk nodes from another asterisk node, you are supposed to use this:


Enter command mode on a remote node 

*4node Enter command mode on a remote node 

Enter command mode on a remote node 

Command mode means send all received DTMF digits to the node number specified (bypassing the local command decoder). 
Send # to exit command mode, and restore local command decoding. 

I have had mixed results with it


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Is it possible to get a feature added the will allow DTMF to pass through?  I know you can regenerate using the cops but it would be nice to be able to press a sequence and then anything that followed would not mute the touch tones.
This would help if asterisk was used as a hub and the other repeaters linking in were using standard controllers.  That way one repeater on one end could control one on the other end.
Just a thought...  I know as of recent this would have been very helpful!!!

Corey N3FE

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