[App_rpt-users] aprs password for app_gps

Ken ke2n at cs.com
Sun Jan 23 07:59:34 EST 2011

Well - Google found this




I took the first link provided and looked at the first few entries and there
are emails for sysops who will give you a "passcode"

Apparently the passcode is generated from an algorithm using your call+SSID
as input. 

I have not tried it (yet)





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I would like to set up my allstarlink system to report position information
to the aprs system. 


Can someone tell me how to set up this password?  Also, are the default
server and port listed in the example below what should be used?  

I have searched the aprs site and couldn't find who to request this
information from.


Chuck Henderson,  WB9UUS



; Configuration for app_gps
call = wb9uus-2   ; callsign (including SSID) for APRS purposes
password = 12345 ; Password for APRS-IS server for above callsign
comment = AllStar Node 27468 ; Text to be displayed associated with this
server = second.aprs.net  ; APRS-IS server to report information to
port = 10151 ; port on server to send data
icon = r  ; A CAR (default)   Icon do be displayed for station on APRS
display (see below)
comport = /dev/ttyS0  ; Serial port for GPS receiver (specify this only if
using GPS receiver)
baudrate = 4800  ; Baud rate for GPS receiver (specify this only if using
GPS receiver)
;debug = y ; set this for debug output
freq=442.700  ; Display Frequency of station
tone=107.2    ; CTCSS tone of station (0.0 for none)
lat=40.508    ; Fixed (default) latitude in decimal degrees
lon=-88.988   ; Fixed (default) longitude in decimal degrees
elev=123.4    ; Elevation of Antenna in Meters (*NOT* HAAT)
power=9       ; Power level (see below)
height=5      ; Antenna Height in HAAT (see below)
gain=8        ; Antenna Gain (see below)
dir=0         ; Antenna Direction (see below)

On Sat, Jan 22, 2011 at 10:30 PM, Jim Duuuude <telesistant at hotmail.com>

There have (obviously) been some changes/improvements made to the
Echolink and APRS/GPS subsystems within app_rpt.

Included in these is the ability for a node to report its "fixed" GPS
to the APRS network, even if it does not have a GPS receiver connected.

Please see the following:

Setting up Echolink Connectivity

Setting Up APRS and GPS Configuration

Of course, the latest copies of app_gps and chan_echolink need to be
downloaded from the SVN.




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