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Corey Dean N3FE n3fe at repeater.net
Mon Jan 24 12:56:05 EST 2011

I am actually wanting things just a little different.  Until I can get internet to each site so I can get asterisk there I would like to use a command that I could enter and anything following it would generate the DTMF.

Here is my current scenario...  I use one of my UHF machines as the hub (for now) and I have different machines that listen to the hub.  At times other repeaters will connect in as well.  DTMF muting is enabled on the local repeater but DTMF is NOT muted on the link side that goes to the hub.  This way I can control the repeaters through the links if I need to until I can get some type of ip network setup.

Say a cop command is created for this and I make 932 my dtmf for that cop command and I was to issue  1234 to turn on something at a remote site, I would like to enter  *9321234 and have the controller either pass or regenerate the 1234.

I hope this makes sense.  I know a couple of groups that would like to do this as well and that is the only reason they haven't moved over to app_rpt.  They have seen how powerful it is!  One of the systems has 15 repeaters in it and the only way they would be able to do something would be a piece at a time.  That is why this would be so handy!!!!

Corey  N3FE

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KE2N Ken suggested using the propagate_dtmf command in the rpt.conf file, as a way to propagate DTMF signals to other nodes.  I need this capacity to allow our members access to the local phone patch.  However with all nodes set to duplex=2 (full duplex) and  propagate_dtmf=yes,  I'm still not getting DTMF on the other local repeaters.  The asterisk console sees the DTMF, but Asterisk isn't passing the digits onwards.

Does anyone have a suggestion about what else I can try?

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I think there is a setting for this

propagate_dtmf=     see MailScanner warning: numerical links are often malicious:<>

Gordon Hewit
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