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?I have the script running and down loading the file. I had to set up a rpt cmd to play the script and change where it saves the audio file. I have already moved the scripts to asterisk. The only thing I have not work out is playwxalertbg which is the script that is supposed to beacon the alert. However asterisk does not use the files of IRLP environment, COS ACTIVE, and PTTSTATE. 

On this note I was not able to get it to install on centos ACID. I have mine running on XIPAR which is REDHAT. Centos I had trouble getting all the libraries and deps installed.


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Finally after a fresh install of all the files I have the get scripts
running. When I try to play the scripts it acts like its running and goes
back to the root prompt and nothing come out the speakers or transmitted
over the air. Is there something I need to change in the play script to get
it to play.

I am using the W0ANM scripts.


I ask the same question a while back and never did get the issue resolved. Actually here everything 
is working as it should which I bet is the case in your end as well. Here When we call for the script to
play the Wx file it plays it fine but is only heard if someone else is talking on the system and has the
Node keyed up. When they unkey or stop talking so does the Wx script. I bet if you havn,t fixed it 
ready try calling the Script and have a on going qso on your system and see if you hear the Wx report ect.
if you have it working we would like to know what you did.

                                                   Randy Node 27372


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