[App_rpt-users] CTCSS Problem

Scott Weis kb2ear at kb2ear.net
Thu Jan 27 14:20:52 EST 2011

It most likely means that your COS is active or your using DSP for the
squelch and it's too loose.

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First I'd like to start off by saying thanks for such a great piece of
software for asterisk, I've been using Asterisk for 6 years now. I'm a
network engineer so I'm not a repeater guru by any means, but I'm having a
problem with my setup using the URI Model: DMK URI My first problem is; if
ctcssfrom is set to anything but dsp, the repeater keys up as soon as
asterisk is started. I can even disconnect everything but PTT and Ground and
it still keys up as soon as its started. I did this to eliminate the
possibility of the device sensing CTCSS via the mic_in_ac. So my
understanding was that if I set ctcssfrom=no then it would ignore ctcss, but
it still keys up. Is this a bug in the software being that it happens even
with everything but ptt/gnd is disconnected?


Kris Kirkland ~ K5KRK

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