[App_rpt-users] CTCSS Problem

Kris Kirkland kris at kriskirkland.com
Thu Jan 27 22:32:58 EST 2011

I found that carrierfrom=usbinvert will sense the correct cor, but if I
try turn ctcss off it starts keyed. After a couple restarts of asterisk
the repeater will work once. These are the logs I have found.

[Jan 27 21:21:16] WARNING[2225] chan_usbradio.c: Loaded parameters from
usbradio_tune_usb.conf for device usb .
[Jan 27 21:21:17] WARNING[2224] chan_usbradio.c: Possibly stuck USB read
channel. [usb]
[Jan 27 21:21:17] WARNING[2224] chan_usbradio.c: Nope, USB read channel
[usb] wasn't stuck after all.

Even when it works it will not send audio. Also when I try radio tune it
will run through its tuning but not matter what tune command i run it
always ends with adjust failed.

radio tune rxnoise
tune rxnoise maxtries=12, target=27000, tolerance=2750
tries=0, setting=2, meas=1
tries=1, setting=16, meas=1
tries=2, setting=16, meas=1
tries=3, setting=16, meas=1
tries=4, setting=16, meas=1
tries=5, setting=16, meas=1
tries=6, setting=16, meas=1
tries=7, setting=16, meas=1
tries=8, setting=16, meas=1
tries=9, setting=16, meas=1
tries=10, setting=16, meas=1
tries=11, setting=16, meas=1
DONE tries=12, setting=1000, meas=1, sqnoise=0

Again I've disconnected everything buy cor/ptt/gnd and it will still
starts keyed with ctcssfrom=no.

Kris Kirkland ~ K5KRK
Network Engineer

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